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Leather Sofas

Leather Sofas

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 Price is one set all included 

SU-CR2130-3780-100LFE Chair in Black $1998

Finance Though Amica

SKU: SU-CR2130-80-100LF

SU-CR2130-3780-200LFE Loveseat in Black $2798

SKU: SU-CR2130-80-200LF

SU-CR2130-3780-300LFE Sofa in Black $2998


Or a new Chestnut set! All same price BLK or Chestnut


SKU: SU-CR2130-80-300LF

SU-CR2130-3786-100LFBNE Chair in Chestnut

SKU: SU-CR2130-86-100LF

SU-CR2130-3786-200LFBNE Loveseat in Chestnut

SKU: SU-CR2130-86-200LF

SU-CR2130-3786-300LFBNE Sofa in Chestnut

SKU: SU-CR2130-86-300LF


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